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Gary Price's List of Lists
The List of Lists is a database of ranked listings of companies, people and resources freely available on the Internet.

Ta-da List
Make lists and get stuff done. Simple sharable to-do lists.

CataList, the official catalog of LISTSERV® lists. Over 62,000 mailing lists.

The Reference Guide to Email Newsletters and Discussion Lists

List of Bests
All the "best of" books, music, and movie lists.

Forbes Magazine Lists
Companies, education, food & drink, health & beauty, people, personal finance, places, real estate, sports, technology & Internet, travel, vehicles

Top Ten Stupidest Lists
Continuously evolving collection of top 10 stupidest lists. Currently 61.

LibWeb - Library Servers via WWW. 7400 pages from libraries in over 125 countries.

All Fortune Lists
All of Fortune Magazine's lists concerning business.

The Grocery List Collection
1000 pictures of other people's grocery lists.

Franklin Institute Educational Hotlists
Screened educational hotlists.
The world's largest collection of top 10 lists.

List Organizer
List Organizer provides over 140 pre-made Lists to help the average person organize their life. Subscription.

Chuckle's By Category: Lists
Funny lists on a variety of subjects,